• When does the next application round for Community Grants open?

    We generally hold one Community Grant round each year. The 2018 Community Grant round opens 3 April and closes 30 April. 

  • How do I apply for a Community Grant?

    Eligible organisations may apply by downloading, completing and submitting the Community Grant Application form during the annual grant round. Further details can be found on our Funding page and Community Grants page.  

  • What is an eligible organisation?

    To be eligible to receive funding from nib foundation an organisation must meet set criteria as outlined on our Eligibility page. 

  • When will applications be accepted?

    Applications will only be accepted during the designated grant rounds, via our online lodgement form. This will be available on the Apply page only when a grant round is open. Please do not submit applications outside of our annual grant round.

  • What regions around Australia are eligible?

    nib foundation provides grants to both regional and metropolitan communities throughout Australia, with a particular focus on the Hunter. 

  • How much money can I apply for through the Community Grants program?

    You can apply for funding of between $5,000 and $50,000 for a one year period.

  • How many Community Grants are available in each round?

    Generally there will be around 10 to 15 community grants offered to successful applicants in each funding round. This number may change from year to year depending on how much funding each successful grantee is requesting.

  • Can I reapply if I have received a grant in the past?

    If you have completed your previously funded project and acquitted past grants you may apply again. It's important to know though that nib foundation's Community Grant is not intended to provide ongoing or long-term funding.

  • Can my organisation apply for more than one Community Grant?

    We ask that you only submit one application per organisation. Please contact us if you require assistance in determining which of your projects best meets our criteria.

  • What types of projects have been supported in the past?

    For information about our current and past partners, please visit our Multi-Year Partners page our Community Partners page. More information is available in our latest Community Report.

  • Can I apply for a Multi-Year Partnership with nib foundation?

    We do not invite applications for our Multi-Year Partnerships (previously called National Grants) which support a small number of organisations with substantial sized grants over a number of years, and are identified proactively. Organisations may submit their project concepts from time to time when we call for Expressions Of Interest. We will not be delivering an Expression of Interest round in 2018.

  • Does nib foundation support research projects?


    Research projects are not eligible for the Community Grant and are a funding exclusion. The Multi-Year Partnership program does not fund pure research, medical research or clinical trials, however we do consider projects that translate new evidence into practice in a way that is practical, scalable and promotable, and meets all our other criteria. 

  • Who do I contact for more information?

    For more information about nib foundation, please Contact Us.

  • Do projects have to be formally evaluated?

    No, we only expect to see a formal evaluation being undertaken if it makes sense for the applicant organisation and the project you are applying for. Evaluation may not be appropriate for small grass roots projects. For larger pilot projects of new and emerging concepts we will support the cost of evaluation as a component of the budget.

  • What items can I request funding for?

    We fund the salary and wages of the people who will be delivering the project you apply for, plus any additional costs associated with delivering and evaluating the project including travel, printing, consumables, supervision, technology development and external advice.

    We do not fund core operating costs which we define as the expenses associated with your organisation existing and operating its core projects, including office overheads and salary of key positions.

  • Do we need co-funding for our programs?

    No, nib foundation is willing to contribute 100% of the cost of a project. We are also happy to jointly fund a project with other donors, however we prefer not to make a small contribution as part of a very big project.

  • Will I be required to measure the outcomes of the programs?

    We believe that all projects benefit from undertaking some level of outcomes measurement as part of the delivery of the project. nib foundation will work with successful applicants to find an approach which is both useful and appropriate for the nature and size of the project.

    Download our Outcomes Guide: Tips for applicants for more information on our approach to measuring the outcomes of Community Grants.