Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families Workshops


Caring for a child with a disability is a challenge for parents and can come at a personal cost for their physical and mental health. That's why we're proud to partner with the Australian Catholic University to deliver the Healthy Mothers, Healthy Families workshops, offering much needed support to mothers of children with a disability to achieve better health and wellbeing outcomes. 

The free workshops will be held in Sydney on 25 July and in Geelong on 21 August and will cover a range of issues including good nutrition, the importance of physical activity, social supports, improved communication, stress management, networking and advocacy skills, and paid work participation.

Occupational therapist, Dr Helen Bourke-Taylor, and women's health general practitioner, Dr Fiona Jane will present the workshops, which will also give mothers the opportunity to meet other women with similar interests, perspectives and life experiences.

These workshops provide an important and positive step forward for mothers of children with a disability and will better equip them to look after themselves in order to maintain a healthy and happy family.

Registrations for the workshops are essential. If you're interested in attending please contact Dr Helen Bourke-Taylor on 03 9953 3736 or email