A mentally healthier world for young people


Congratulations to our long term partner Black Dog Institute who today launched HeadStrong 2.0, an evidence based teaching resource aligned to the national school curriculum. HeadStrong 2.0 uses the witty and engaging imagery of artist Matthew Johnstone to help high school teachers educate young people about mental health and resilience.

Did you know that an estimated one in four Australians are living with the symptoms of a mental illness, and that most mental health issues start before the age of 24? Even more alarming is the evidence that very few young people are comfortable seeking help.


Education is key to prevention. That's why nib foundation has been supporting the development and rollout of Black Dog Institute's education programs since 2011. The redeveloped HeadStrong 2.0 is now aligned with the national school curriculum, contains new content about resilience, and is available free of charge to high schools across Australia.

We are also really proud to have supported the development of MindStrength, a series of freely available, online interactive learning modules about how to become mentally stronger through resilience. These short, engaging courses are ideal for young people aged between 14 - 16, parents and carers and are designed to help increase understanding of what resilience is and how it can help you get through the tough stuff in life and how you can help someone you care for to build resilience.

Check out this short video below about Headstrong 2.0 or visit Blackdog Institute to access the Headstrong 2.0 or MindStrength resources