App creating communities of care


As National Palliative Care Week (21-28 May) shines a light on the important work many carers undertake each day to support those in the final stages of life, Palliative Care Australia has entered the testing phase of a new app that will help build a network of support around people with life-limiting illnesses.

The app has been made possible through our Community Grant funding and will allow carers, families and friends to create a community of care based on the person's specific needs.

Many people receive palliative care at home and carers can often be unsupported and isolated when there is no network of care. They may experience feelings of isolation, become stressed or depressed and lack the time to maintain their own physical and mental health.

Using smartphone technology, the app provides an easy and practical way for carers to create a community of care. It allows them to communicate the help that is needed by using a simple and coordinated channel for family and friends to respond and share the workload.

The app is currently undergoing a beta testing phase with focus groups of carers, and is set to be launched at the Australian Palliative Care Conference in September.

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