Australian Paralympian Ben Roche launches Score! in Mallee


Our community partner, Disability Sport & Recreation, launched their Score! program in Mallee last week, with a little help from Paralympic soccer player Ben Roche.

Roche said the program, which connects young Victorians with a disability to sport and recreation activities, will be a game-changer for children with disabilities looking to get into sport. 

"It's a massive integration thing," Roche said. 

"For myself growing up there were no options like this, it was daunting to go play for an able-bodied club. It was scary, because sometimes you didn't have the best ability so you dealt with people not understanding and things like that". 

nib foundation is proud to be supporting the development  of the new online Score! Platform which helps the one million Victorians with disability, as well as their carers and families, gain access to inclusive sport and recreation programs that meet their individual needs and abilities.

Disability Sport & Recreation CEO, Rob Anderson, said health was a basic human right, and that Score! would help Victorians with disability exercise that right.

"Whether you live in the city or the country, every Victorian has the right to good health. Through resources like Score! we are doing what we can to empower Victorians with disability get active and enjoy better health," he said.

For more information about Disability Sport & Recreation and the Score! Program click here