Join us in support of the #OURMOB campaign



We’re really proud to be supporting Brisbane Indigenous Media Association in their #OURMOB social media campaign addressing youth suicide in Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

Suicide remains a persistent problem in Australia and is a significant issue in the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander community. Amongst males, the highest age-specific suicide rate is between 25-29 years (four times the rate for non-Indigenous males) and the highest rate for females between the 20-24 years age group (five times the non-Indigenous female rate).

 The idea behind the #OURMOB campaign is to create awareness of youth suicide amongst Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people by promoting social, spiritual and cultural connectedness as some of the protective factors which can help tackle underlying causes linked to high youth suicide. This, in turn, aims to reduce stigma and encourage help-seeking behaviours amongst young Indigenous Australians.

BIMA's latest video released today is named #BIGGESTMOB, and features young Indigenous people sharing their identity through country to remind those who might be struggling that there's biggest mob support.

#BIGGESTMOB from BIMA Vision on Vimeo.

You can also watch the first video #YOUMOB here featuring well known writer and actor, Steven Oliver who brought his considerable creative talent to the project Stevenis also an Ambassador for R U Okay Day and says he felt strongly about the project.

"Suicide has touched my own mob and while this was an opportunity to primarily promote to young people that we are resilient and strong, I wanted the message to appeal to all mob who may be struggling," he said.

There will be two more videos released in the coming weeks. You can  follow the #OURMOB campaign on BIMA's Twitter and Facebook channels.