HeadStrong building resilience in young people


Our partnership with Black Dog Institute has helped develop three new interactive online learning courses about youth mental health. The resources have been designed to support Black Dog Institute's HeadStrong school curriculum resource, first launched in 2011 with our funding.

The HeadStrong program has evolved from the original curriculum which provided resources for teachers to address mental health in the classroom, to include online programs that will assist teenagers and parents, directly. 

Teenagers can work through the modules online to help them better understand depression and bipolar disorder, their symptoms, as well as how to seek help and build resilience. Modules have also been developed for parents and carers that will allow them to identify signs of mental illness and to better support the young people they care about.

With one in five Australians being affected by mental illness and with onset most commonly occurring before the age of 24, these interactive programs are playing an important role in allowing people from across the country to access and benefit from the age-appropriate, informative and educational resources provided by Black Dog Institute.

Click here to check out the online modules.