Helping sporting clubs put the health of junior members first


We are pleased to be getting behind the new Good Sports Junior initiative, which will see a number of sporting clubs across Victoria and New South Wales create a safer club environment for young members by promoting positive role modelling and health messages.


With the assistance of our Multi-Year Partnership funding, the Australian Drug Foundation has expanded its successful Good Sports program, targeting junior clubs through a tailored initiative that will see more than 200 clubs across Victoria and NSW participate in this pilot program in the coming years.

Following the completion of the pilot program, we hope that many more of Australia’s 7,000 Good Sports clubs will commit to implementing Good Sports Junior.

Focusing on key themes of alcohol, tobacco, healthy eating and member conduct, Good Sports Junior supports clubs in working through a range of criteria that strengthens their current club environments. It also challenges adult members to role model behaviours that promote positive health messages to juniors.

Good Sports Junior helps clubs to minimise high-risk behaviours and establish healthier lifestyle habits that young people will carry with them through life – an objective that is fundamental to the work of our foundation. 

Check out the Good Sports website for more information.