Improving oral health care for young people with an intellectual disability


People with special needs experience substantially higher levels of oral disease and greater barriers to accessing dental care compared to other members of the community. 

To help bridge this gap, we have funded Inclusion Melbourne's development of Your Dental Health, a dental care resource guide to support young people with a disability, and their carers to navigate the dental health system more easily.

Inclusion Melbourne is a service for people with an intellectual disability that believes people with special needs should have the same opportunities as the general population to participate in community life.

The Your Dental Health resource has been endorsed by the Australian Dental Association and is focused on preventative care to help reduce long-term oral health issues amongst this target group. 

It is a simple guide that features step-by-step instructions on how to brush and floss, guidance on lifestyle choices that cause tooth decay and other oral diseases as well as advice on when to see a dentist and how to access dental health services. 

We will continue to work with Inclusion Melbourne in 2016, providing an additional grant to help make this resource widely available within the disability sector  through workshops and the development of supporting video content.