Listen in: Audio stories help young people deal with tough times


ReachOut Australia has teamed up with young Australian actors to make audio stories that can help young people deal with social and mental health issues, particularly across the holiday season.

ReachOut Australia is making mental health help more accessible for young people and we are excited to support them in adapting some of their most high-demand topics from their website into an audio format for listening on the go. 

Teaming up with young Australian actors, ReachOut has developed a series of podcasts that combine personal stories with practical tips to help young people manage challenging situations and feelings, with topics including social anxiety, abusive relationships and post-traumatic stress disorder.

The audio stories are also supported by more than 900 other fact sheets, personal stories and videos on 

Ultimately, ReachOut hope that these stories will give young Australians a better understanding of tough times, and help them with practical ways to manage challenging situations, find support and most importantly, know that they are not alone in their struggles. 

Find out more about nib foundation's partnership with ReachOut or check out the podcasts