Mobility Program for vision-impaired children ventures to Knights training


Seven young participants in the Guide Dogs' Mobility Adventures program took a special detour from their scheduled activities recently when they visited the Newcastle Knights' training at Wests Mayfield.

The vision-impaired children and their carers not only met with Knights' players James Stockwell and James Taylor but also participated in a range of ball games.           

Our support of Mobility Adventures, a program developed specifically for children and teenagers who are blind or vision impaired, provides participants the opportunity to improve their physical ability, self-planning and social skills in a supportive group environment.

The participants joined the players on the training field to take part in a physical skill-building exercise, throwing and catching a coloured ball that has bells embedded in it. The players wore a pair of low-vision simulators to experience the challenges of visual impairment.

The visit not only provided a unique experience for the children but for the players, an insight into the difficulties those with vision impairment face every day.

After the training visit, the participants continued on their day-long Mobility Adventure program throughout Newcastle, including a visit to Hunter Stadium, learning skills such as catching public transport, making purchases at a shop and tactile map-reading.

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