New medicinal cannabis and epilepsy website helping Australians to make more informed decisions


In partnership with Epilepsy Action Australia, we've helped to launch a new website which aims to help thousands of Australians living with epilepsy to make more informed choices when it comes to the access and use of medicinal cannabis.

The website is the first evidence-based website to provide the latest published research from Australia and around the world, as well as tools, fact sheets, videos, life stories and other resources related to medicinal cannabis and epilepsy.

According to the CEO of Epilepsy Action Australia (EAA), Carol Ireland, many children and their families live with intractable (medication resistant) epilepsy and have lived for years with unrelenting seizures that make it virtually impossible to lead a quality life and participate fully in their communities.

Carol explains that while medicinal cannabis is no "silver bullet", it can be life-changing with access to the right information (i.e. not "Dr Google") and with consultation with your health practitioner.

It's why we teamed up with EAA to provide a freely accessible and centralised platform that ensures carers and families can access information from a trusted source, gain access to information on differing government regulations and useful tools to help facilitate questions for discussion with their GP helping to prevent potential harm from misinformation.

The website includes the following information and can be accessed here.

  • Published academic articles and findings from clinical research
  • Accessing medicinal cannabis and making an application
  • Everyday living with medicinal cannabis
  • Cannabis factsheets
  • Recorded lectures, books and films
  • Life stories, self-assessment tools and quizzes
  • Information from around the globe
For more information about our partnership click here.