New partnership with University of Newcastle helping to improve healthier eating habits of young adults


Our new multi-year partnership with the University of Newcastle (UoN) aims to improve the eating habits of young adults through the development and delivery of the Nutrition For You (Nu4U) program.

The partnership was formed from a mutual understanding of the need to address the poor dietary habits of young adults in Australia, which is now the modifiable risk factor accounting for the greatest proportion of our national burden of disease.

In combination with other lifestyle factors, such as smoking, risky drinking and lack of physical inactivity, young Australian adults are not meeting national nutrition recommendations leading to premature development of preventable chronic diseases, such as, type 2 diabetes and heart disease. 

Our three-year $893,750 funding will help to address these issues by supporting the development of Nu4U - an innovative web platform that will deliver personalised nutrition advice and tailored support, helping to maintain healthy eating behaviours long-term. 

The project will be led by renowned Accredited Practicing Dietitian, Professor Claire Collins and will provide streamlined web access to existing evidence-based and popular dietary assessment tools - The Healthy Eating Quiz and the Australian Eating Survey - as well as personalised feedback and suggestions on how to develop and sustain healthier food habits.

There is a huge demand for access to high quality nutrition and diet information online and it's understood that young Australian adults are more likely to attempt to eat healthier if they are provided with easily accessible personalised assessments and support from trusted health experts from the comfort of their own home.   

We believe that developing innovative and evidence-based new approaches to motivate young people to adopt healthier food habits is crucial if we are to reverse current alarming rates of chronic ill health. We are thrilled to help the University of Newcastle make this cutting edge nutrition research widely available and relevant to everyday Australians.

Learn more about our partnership with Nu4U University of Newcastle.