Our support for the Mark Hughes Foundation's fight against brain cancer


Last month, a group of 28 supporters of the Mark Hughes Foundation trekked to Mount Everest Base Camp to raise funds for brain cancer research.

We've supported this great initiative by matching the $5,000 raised by nib employees to support the foundation's search for a cure for brain cancer.

The group of former Newcastle Knights teammates, their friends and our very own nib employee, David Chung, were able to embark on the physically and emotionally challenging journey, that is, the trek to Everest Base Camp.

While the men were battling lost baggage, freezing temperatures, rain and altitude sickness, nib employees were following their every step, collectively raising $5,000 in support of brain cancer research.

Brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death amongst children, and adults aged under 40 in Australia. The Mark Hughes Foundation was formed to support important cancer research that aims to decrease the mortality rates and incidence of brain cancer in Australia.

In recognition of this great initiative, we promised to match the funds raised by nib employees during the MHF Everest Challenge, and are proud to collectively donate $10,000 to their cause.

For more information on the Mark Hughes Foundation Everest Base Camp trek, you can follow the journey on nib's website, The Check Up.