OzHarvest distributes four million meals in the Hunter region


This month OzHarvest Newcastle celebrates an incredible milestone - delivering its four millionth meal.

We're proud to be renewing our partnership for the seventh consecutive year with a $50,000 grant, enabling the charity to fund vital operational costs and expand its food rescue operations during 2017.

In just seven years, OzHarvest Newcastle has rescued 1,351,406 kilograms of quality food from licensed food providers including supermarkets, hotels, wholesalers, cafes and events.

Our funding will allow the charity to continue to grow its food donor base and the frequency of collection across Newcastle, Lake Macquarie, Port Stephens, Cessock and Maitland. 

In addition, at least 10 additional agencies will receive OzHarvest's quality rescued food and capability to serve an increasing number of ad-hoc calls from the community will be improved.

We congratulate OzHarvest Newcastle on four million meals and look forward to seeing continued health and wellbeing outcomes in the Hunter community.

For more information about our partnership with OzHarvest click here