Students create films to address the negative effect alcohol can have on mental health


Almost a quarter of young people experience mental health issues, and according to The Constable Care Child Safety Foundation (CCCSF), exposure to alcohol and substance abuse and its related risks can further contribute to these challenges. 

This year we are pleased to be partnering with the WA-based CCCSF to deliver Your SAY, Your Call, an engaging state-wide competition where young people between the ages of 12 and 18 years explore the negative impact of alcohol or drugs on youth mental health through film production.

The Your SAY, Your Call program encourages groups of up to three students in schools and community groups to discuss, synthesise and reflect on the complex issues around youth mental health and then write a plot for a short film that addresses harm minimisation strategies.

The top films will share a prize pool of vouchers worth more than $5000, while students who submitted the overall winning entry will be invited to collaborate with the WA Screen Academy to develop their idea into a professionally produced online film with an interactive component.

The program aims to involve young people in the conversation around mental health, social welfare and safety, rather than a top-down approach, to empower young people with strategies to make better decisions at crucial junctures in their lives.

Find out more about the Your SAY, your Call competition including registration details and submission deadlines.