Upper Hunter community learns Mental Health First Aid


We're helping Upper Hunter Community Services (UHCS) to deliver Mental Health First Aid programs to students, teachers and parents at Muswellbrook High School with our community grant.

As a rural town, Muswellbrook is quite limited in the mental health services available for young people. UHCS is committed to building community strength and capacity in this area by supporting the health, safety and wellbeing of those in need.

The Mental Health First Aid program aims to improve mental health literacy by facilitating increased access to reliable and targeted health information for at-risk young people as well as the support network that surrounds them. It will also work to reduce suicide rates and the stigma associated with mental health by building a positive discourse between students and their peers, teachers and carers. 

This initiative is the perfect fit for our Community Grant Program, that supports practical grassroots causes that help individuals and communities by enabling them to better cope with health challenges through improved resilience, social connectedness, mentoring and peer support. 

We are proud to partner with UHCS on such an important project to improve the mental and social wellbeing of Muswellbrook's youth population.

The Mental Health First Aid courses will be delivered to 259 students as well as 40 parents, carers and teachers during February and March 2017. To find out more about the initiative visit www.uhcs.org.au