WA students fight drugs with film


Student filmmakers in Western Australia have developed short films to put the spotlight on the negative effects of drug and alcohol abuse on youth mental health.

The Youth Interactive Film Project, supported by foundation, culminated in a special awards ceremony where young filmmakers from Cyril Jackson Senior Campus took out the top prize.

Alexander Andrew Mhawira, Ben Randall, Mingho Tong, Jordan Hunt and Kelliane Jewel were awarded first place for their film 'Dead Line' which depicted a student who turns to drug abuse to deal with exam pressure and the consequences that ensue.

Filmmaker, Mr Mhawira said film aims to help other teenagers be aware of the negative effects of drugs and alcohol. 

"Young people still do not have a mature frontal lobe, hence if it's altered by taking drugs, the consequences could be long term damage," he said.

Open to young people aged 14-18 years across WA, the film competition empowered young people to identify their own issues, collaborate and problem solve towards solutions, while encouraging discussions and awareness of these issues to help reduce the negative stigma attached to mental health.

Learn more about our partnership with Constable Care Child Safety Foundation who ran the competition here.