Young Parents Group supports families in Hunter New England


Our new partnership with the Young Parents Group program at The Place: Charlestown Community Centre is set to improve the mental and social wellbeing as well as build the capacity of young parents in the Hunter New England region.

Young parenthood in the Hunter New England area continues to be among the highest in New South Wales. As such, we're proud to have partnered with The Place to reinstate the Young Parents Group that will support the region's young families.

The program, initially developed in 2013, aims to facilitate social connections and provides access to training and support. 

Our $35,000 community grant has enabled The Place to continue its successful format of facilitated group sessions with collaboration from other agencies, including the Family Action Centre, St Vincent de Paul Society - Early Links, the Young Parents Playgroup and professionally skilled volunteers.

With our funding, The Place will provide a practical and hands-on approach to mentoring, guiding and supporting young parents at the beginning of their parenthood journey.

For more information on the Young Parents Group contact The Place on (02) 4032 5500.