ausEE launch new book


Our community partner, ausEE, has launched its latest children's book Olivia and Kate, Two Girls, One Story. Olivia and Kate, Two Girls, One Story aims to promote awareness of eosinophilic gastrointestinal disorders and also raise much needed funds to improve the lives of those affected by the illness.

Hosted by Sunshine Coast Libraries, the book launch featured a reading by Olivia, one of the children featured in the story, while illustrator Peter Carnavas recreated a number of his drawings from the book. 

Olivia and Kate, Two Girls, One Story is the story of two girls who have siblings living with eosinophilic esophagitis - an inflammatory condition of the esophagus. The story is based on the lives of two real families and follows the challenges often faced by siblings of children with a chronic medical condition. 

The disorder currently affects up to four in every 10,000 people across Australia, many of whom are unable to eat most food and are fed through a tube in their stomachs. This presents a range of challenges, not only for those with the condition but also for their immediate family.

Olivia and Kate, Two Girls, One Story aims to reach out to younger audiences about the road to diagnosis and living with the condition, to raise public awareness and help the medical community better support families with a child with a disability or chronic illness.

ausEE's two previous books, Meet Arabella and Being Henry have been widely distributed to major children's hospitals and many gastroenterologist and allergists offices across Australia where they have been received with success.

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