nib foundation says Hello Sunday Morning


Hello Sunday Morning is a movement towards a better drinking culture that aims to help people improve their relationship with alcohol. We're proud to partner with Hello Sunday Morning in support of their new smartphone app, launched today.

Hello Sunday Morning encourages individuals to reclaim their Sundays by making the most of the day, without a hangover. Since 2010, Hello Sunday Morning has helped more than 45,000 people improve their relationship with alcohol - reducing their average consumption by 62%. The overall goal is to create a world where drinking is a conscious choice, not a cultural expectation.

Today, Hello Sunday Morning launched their new smartphone app, designed to support people to challenge their relationship with alcohol and make better drinking choices by setting weekly challenges and tracking progress. The app has a week-to-week focus and uses brief interventions to provide motivation, deliver feedback on tasks, and help users identify goals.

To coincide with the launch, Hello Sunday Morning are hosting 'Australia's biggest hangover free month', with events planned for every Sunday morning throughout May. Visit to join the movement.

Learn more about our partnership with Hello Sunday Morning here.