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The Australian Children's Music Foundation (ACMF) uses the power of music to inspire and enrich the lives of all Australian children, particularly the disadvantaged and Indigenous youth across Australia.

Research has shown that participation in the ACMF Youth at Risk Music Program helps incarcerated youth re-define their sense of self and develop a sense of community. It also identified the potential for such educational and social benefits to reduce recidivism rates.

The program is currently run at 17 of the 20 juvenile justice centres across Australia. nib foundation's funding will see the program extended to an additional two facilities in Victoria and the establishment of a formal research project into the benefits of music programs in juvenile detention centres.

ACMFs weekly music program helps motivate and rehabilitate young people in custody. Participants will learn new skills, build their sense of community spirit, develop a sense of belonging, enhance personal confidence and improve their literacy and numeracy.

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