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Skills for Learning, Skills for Life: Rock and Water


Raymond Terrace and Karuah, NSW



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The Family Action Centre enhances the wellbeing of families and communities by developing and implementing innovative community programs.

Research conducted by the centre found that enhancing a school's capacity to deal with behavioural issues and bullying was a priority for families with primary school children in the Raymond Terrace and Karuah areas.

To help meet these needs, the unique and proven Rock and Water self-development program will be implemented at the schools. The program utilises physical exercises to enhance self-confidence and promote positive social functioning in children and young people.

nib foundation's funding will see the program delivered to 200 students throughout the region helping to improve social and emotional wellbeing, as well as reducing anti-social and behavioural problems in the local primary schools.

For more information visit: www.newcastle.edu.au