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i-Care Young Carer's Program


Hunter, NSW



Funding Dates

November 2012 - December 2013

EDuCARE Carer Support Service is a unit of Hunter New England Local Health District and provides educational support to carers in the Hunter region with the aim of improving the health and wellbeing of all carers.

The physical, social and mental health of a young carer is at higher risk than what is normally experienced by a young person, due to the demanding role of caring for someone.
However, research shows that these health risk factors can be reduced through early intervention and support programs, such as EDuCARE's i-Care Young Carer's Program.
nib foundation's support will assist the region's approximately 10,000 young carers by making this successful program available locally for the first time to carers aged 18-25 years and extending current services for young carers aged 13-17 years.
The program provides workshops for young carers aged 16-18 years and 19-25 years and peer support groups for 13-15 years in a safe environment enabling them to build their resilience and social connection as well as improving their health and wellbeing.