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Youth Partners Sexual Health and Relationships Education Program


Sunshine Coast, QLD



Funding Dates

January 2013 - December 2013

Family Planning Queensland provides sexual and reproductive health and education services throughout Queensland to help people make informed decisions to stay healthy and safe.

Research shows that young people may be at higher risk of being in an unhealthy relationship and/or being involved in risky behaviours if they are Indigenous, have a disability, are same sex attracted, are 'in care', do not attend school regularly or if they have disengaged from school.
To help reduce such risks for young people in the Sunshine Coast/Gympie region, nib foundation has supported the Youth Partners Sexual Health and Relationships Education program.
The education program aims to mobilise young people to support and educate their peers, by increasing knowledge, enhancing personal skills and providing a platform for young people to talk with trained youth leaders about sexual health issues.
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