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Funding Dates

December 2011 - June 2013

As Queensland's peak body supporting people with a spinal cord injury, the Spinal Injuries Association provides a range of high quality services and programs that empower their members to rebuild their lives, maintain independence and prevent injuries.

For people who sustain a spinal cord injury, the emotional challenges they face are often as difficult as the physical injury. While current recovery programs focus on the physical battle, there is limited assistance for people to rehabilitate their mind and spirit.

Spinal Injuries Association identified the Discovering the Power in Me program, to help people with a spinal cord injury develop a positive mind-set and build hope, resilience and independence. Following the success of a pilot workshop conducted in 2010, nib foundation provided support to expand the program.

The two day rehabilitation workshop which offers practical tools and techniques focused on the emotional and mental ramifications of a spinal cord injury has already been delivered to more than 70 participants and their carers across Queensland during 2012.
Continued support from nib foundation saw the program extended during 2013 to an additional four locations throughout Queensland.

For more information visit www.spinal.com.au

"I attended the Discovering the Power in Me workshop with my husband Terry. The workshop was effective in helping both of us to understand our feelings since my spinal cord damage. We learnt some strategies, such as setting realistic goals and being positive about our future. We have the power within ourselves to overcome our problems as long as we believe we are in control of our lives. The workshop was well structured and interesting. It was beneficial for me to meet other people who have spinal cord injuries, as well as people who work in the field such as people from Disability Services. I would recommend this workshop for people with a spinal cord injury to help them adjust to their new world, but I would also recommend it for their spouse/partner. It is a huge adjustment for the people who love us as their world has also changed. They must begin a new life and they need help with that too."

Suzanne Mulligan, Participant