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The Amazing Magic Club


Brisbane, QLD



Funding Dates

November 2013 - August 2014

The Arts Health Institute (AHI) integrates the arts into health care through research, education and national programs. Their innovative and evidence-based programs are designed to foster happiness and joy, and inspire greater social connection.

Cerebral Palsy (CP) is the most common physical disability in Australian children with a child with CP born every 15 hours. With limited evidence to support the effectiveness of traditional CP therapies, a new approach to treating children with hemiplegic CP was developed in the United Kingdom through the Breathe Arts Health Research Magic Camps.

The Amazing Magic Club is an intensive therapy program that combines professional magicians with Occupational Therapists to hold 10-day "magic clubs". The program will support children with hemiplegia to use both hands, with the improved limb movement helping to promote social and emotional wellbeing as the child grows into adulthood.

Following its success in the United Kingdom, our funding grant will enable the AHI to bring the program to Australia with the initial pilot planned for Brisbane in 2014.


"Stevie has been so enthused and energised by this experience.  Not only is Stevie saying to me 'look mum' when she uses her left hand and not only is she actually really 'wanting' to try to use her left hand but an added bonus is that her confidence full stop had been boosted". 

  • Natasha, mother of Stevie

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I would say, categorically, that the Amazing Magic Club has changed Richard’s life through changing his perception of himself. I’m so glad that we had the opportunity to take part in such a fantastic experience.

Alison, Mother of Richard