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Funding Dates

November 2014 – June 2015

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The Issue

The number of cases of child abuse or neglect has risen in Australia over the last decade. Sadly, Indigenous children are over-represented in these statistics. In 2011-12 Indigenous children were eight-times as likely to be substantiated for abuse and neglect as non-Indigenous children

Act for Kids has been delivering child abuse prevention and treatment programs for more than 26 years. Its vision is to provide all children with the safe and happy childhood they deserve.

The Project

Learn to BE SAFE with Emmy is a 5 week fun activity based protective behaviours program delivered to 5 year olds in the classroom. Emmy is the little girl on the Act for Kids logo. The program empowers children to understand that they have the right to be safe and protected by adults.

Our funding will enable Act for Kids to modify the content, materials and delivery methods of Learn to BE SAFE with Emmy, to be culturally appropriate and accessible for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, parents and communities.

The modifications to Learn to BE SAFE with Emmy are also expected to enhance learning opportunities for children from a variety of backgrounds, including those with English as a second language.

The Impact

The outcome will be a set of resources that can be individualised for delivery in specific classes and regions depending on student needs.

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