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Hunter, NSW



Funding Dates

December 2014 - May 2015

The Issue

The Disabled Surfers Association of Australia Inc (DSAA) was founded in 1986 and provides unique, safe and happy surfing experiences to a wide range of people with various disabilities who would otherwise by unable to access the beach. DSAA has 15 branches across Australia run by dedicated volunteers who are united by a common goal to help others access the simple pleasure of a trip to the beach and a chance to get out in the surf.

Each year, the Hunter Branch's 100 volunteers host three to four "Surf Days" to introduce the sport to people with a disability and provide a fun and inclusive social experience. In 2013, the Surf Days averaged 20 participants, 20 carers and 28 volunteers.

The Project

Our funding will see DSAA Hunter branch replace its aging gear trailer with a new customised trailer that will increase their capacity to transport larger boards and accommodate a greater number of surfers with a disability. It will also benefit the growing number of disabled surfers by using more beach wheelchairs.

The Impact

DSAA new and improved Hunter's trailer was completed during winter 2015, and will be launched in October 2015 at the first Surf Day for the 2015/16 summer season.

For more information visit: http://disabledsurfers.org