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Mobility Adventures for children with impaired vision


Sydney and Hunter, NSW



Funding Dates

November 2014 - January 2016

The Issue

There are more 100,000 people in NSW and the ACT who have a vision impairment severe enough to cause problems with daily living.

Guide Dogs NSW/ACT was established in 1957 to enhance the independence and safe mobility of people who are blind or vision impaired. Each year, the highly qualified Guide Dogs NSW/ACT instructors assist over 4,000 people to achieve their mobility goals.

The Project

Our funding will assist Guide Dogs to deliver their Mobility Adventures program in 2015, developed specifically for children and teenagers who are blind or vision impaired. The program will give over 200 young people in metropolitan and regional NSW the opportunity to participate and improve their physical skills, self-planning and social skills in a supportive group environment.  The aim is to equip young people who are vision impaired with the skills and confidence they need to tackle life's challenges, and grow into independent, active and empowered members of society.

The Impact

Fitting in and feeling at ease are very important to young people with impaired vision, and this youth program will help to foster independence, self-determination and confidence by allowing participants to take risks, explore new places and enhance their physical abilities.

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“Vision loss and blindness affects the whole family, and often in different ways at different times. This weekend will no doubt be a great bonding experience for us to do together as a family. Guide Dogs NSW/ACT is such a caring and warm organisation and they have done so much to support us on our journey through life with child who has low vision. We are extremely grateful to be able to access their wonderful expertise and services.”

Renee O’Kane, mother of a client who attended the Wollongong family weekend