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Positive Mentoring Program


Albany, WA



Funding Dates

November 2014 - November 2015

The Issue

The transition from childhood to adulthood is a difficult time, and one that is made even more challenging when there is a lack of positive role models, or if a family is experiencing disadvantage. However research shows that mentored youth are more likely to stay at school and go onto higher education, have better social skills and resilience, and are less likely to engage in substance abuse or criminal activity.

The Men’s Resource Centre (Inc) is focused on creating a safe and nurturing environment for men, boys and their families, providing a point of contact and access to a variety of services, courses and personnel in the south coast region of Western Australia. 

The Men’s Resource Centre believes that giving boys a purpose in life early keeps them on the straight and narrow, and that they can empower boys by teaching them a life skill, educating them about preventative health and nurturing their self-esteem.

The Project

With our support the Men’s Resources Centre will make the most of some recently donated kayaks and mountain bikes and establish The Positive Mentoring Program which will encourage local youth to participate in outdoor activities that will be interwoven with positive lifestyle messages relating to diet, exercise, resilience training and self-esteem.

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