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Funding Dates

December 2014 - November 2015

The Issue

Research conducted by ReachOut among 1,000 young people demonstrated that three-quarters of those showing high distress and who desperately need help, will not pick up a phone and almost half will not visit a GP. However, it also confirmed that they will and are going online for help.

Most of the content online, however, is written, assuming that the person accessing it possesses a certain literacy level or enjoys reading. To ensure young people have the access to the help they need it is important that content is provided in a form preferred by this demographic

ReachOut was started in 1996 in response to the escalating rates of youth suicide. Providing tools, information, support and referrals, ReachOut aims to reduce the incidence of mental ill-heath and high rates of suicide by overcoming the many barriers that stop young people from seeking help.

The Project

Our funding will assist ReachOut Australia to better target young people 14-25 years with low literacy levels including culturally and linguistically diverse youth, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people and groups from low socio-economic areas. The project will create audio content, which addresses the needs of young people and provides easier access to information that can help improve their mental health, wellbeing and aid in further help-seeking behaviours.

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“This is great, I’ve always wanted to go to a therapist but I’ve been scared. Especially knowing what they talk about/what they ask – that’s a great idea”

Young Person involved in initial User Experience testing