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Young Carers Mentor Program for Hume Region


Hume Region, Victoria



Funding Dates

November 2014 – June 2016

The Villa Maria Society provides quality, innovative disability, education and senior service options that empower and enrich individuals and communities.

There are young carers in the community aged under 25 years - some as young as 9 years – that perform a vitally important role assisting family members who may have a physical, or mental illness or disability, to continue living at home rather than in acute care or institutional settings. However, their role as young carers impacts greatly on all aspects of their lives including social engagement and personal development during this important period of their lives.

For young carers in rurally isolated areas, such as the Hume Region, they are at greater risk of delays to their personal development and education, as they are unable to connect with the community or do not know how to.

The Young Carer Mentor Program with our funding support, will link young carers with an adult mentor who is able to increase their social connections and also achieve their life goals and aspirations.

More Info: or check out this Young Carers Mentor Video