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Funding Dates

December 2015 - December 2016

The issue 

Argyle is a leading provider of housing for people on low incomes, managing over 2,300 tenancies throughout regional and metropolitan NSW.

ACH understand the importance of building strong communities and is committed to creating positive opportunities and outcomes for young people in their community.

The project 

Our funding will support Argyle's Social Awareness Challenge; a new approach designed to stimulate social awareness in young people aged 14 to 19 years. 

Argyle tenants aged 14-19 years will be encouraged to apply to partake in their own Social Awareness Challenge in 2016. The aim is to inspire young people to notice others in need of help and then find a solution to this need. 

Participants will be encouraged to notice the needs of others in their communities who may be less fortunate, aged, disadvantaged, or busy dedicating their time as a carer. The top 50 applicants will be given 6 months to set their own challenge - after completion they will receive recognition from their community, a certificate and a $200 voucher towards an area of vocational interest or educational expense. 

The impact 

Funding from nib foundation will allow Argyle to develop and pilot this new initiative that aims to enhance the spirit in housing communities, build confidence and respect in young people and encourage a sense of appreciation to live in a place where people watch out for each other.

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