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Funding Dates

December 2015 - December 2016

The issue

A recent study conducted by the Shire of Collie, Western Australia, found that 63% of Year 10 students do not feel a connection to their local community. The report also showed that substance abuse and mental health issues are a concern.

Collie Art Gallery is a new cultural centre that aims to address these issues by providing opportunities for the Collie community, and particularly the region's young people to enjoy, participate, experience and learn from the arts. 

The project

Our funding will support Collie Art Gallery's Emergence program, a youth-focused wellbeing series of arts engagement workshops. 

The program will adopt principles of positive psychology, with topics such as mindfulness, gratitude, optimism and connection in conjunction with art therapy for improved mental health outcomes. 

A team of experienced facilitators will deliver a series of engaging weekly creative workshops to engage the Collie youth population. Workshops will include authentic digital storytelling, animation, digital design, jewelry making, video production, photography, music production and visual arts.

The impact

Emergence will encourage participants to develop an improved connection to the local community, while simultaneously helping to foster a greater sense of self, resilience, skills development and confidence. 

Artistic exploration will increase mental health awareness and allow participants to explore and use the arts, culture and their individual uniqueness in new ways rather than through substance abuse or anti-social behavior.

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