Constable Care Child Safety Foundation


Interactive Youth Film Project





Funding Dates

November 2016 - December 2017

The issue

Exposure to high-risk and harmful situations has a profound impact on the mental and physical health of young people. In addition, experiencing negative social and community pressures at an early age can dramatically affect an individual's educational outcomes and employment prospects. 

Constable Care Child Safety Foundation (CCCSF) is a registered harm prevention charity, established to prevent harm to children, young people and the community. 

Through Theatre-In-Education (TIE) programs and community services they focus on engaging at-risk youth to help break the cycle of issues such as unhealthy relationships, substance abuse, social isolation, justice system involvement, as well as to improve psychosocial wellbeing. 

The project

nib foundation are supporting the delivery of the Youth Interactive Film Project, an innovative statewide film pitch competition targeting young people aged 14-18 years. 

By engaging with youth centres, local Government, and secondary schools, young people are invited to develop a pitch for an interactive film on an issue they identify as impacting youth mental health and community safety. 

The competition includes prize money for the winning youth entrants, as well as the opportunity to work alongside the WA Screen Academy to develop their idea into a cutting-edge online interactive film and augmented reality product. 

The impact

Capitalising on the accessibility and reach of film and digital media among young people, the project will see a diverse range of young participants across WA use a creative process to explore an issue that impacts their lives and community. The process will empower young people to identify their own issues and collaborate and problem solve towards solutions, encourage discussions and awareness while reducing the negative stigma attached to mental health. 

It will give young people opportunities to express, reflect and discuss youth issues that impact their lives, developing teamwork, negotiation, problem-solving, leadership and advocacy skills. 

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