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Support for carers of people with an eating disorder


Hunter, NSW



Funding Dates

November 2016 - July 2017

The issue

Around 4% of the population are affected by an eating disorder to clinically significant levels. Based on this estimate, this equates to around 35,000 cases in the Hunter New England Health District. 

The care and support of loved ones during a person's recovery from an eating disorder is critical, but caring for someone with this particular type of mental illness is challenging. 

A need exists to increase the support available for carers to ensure they are aware of and can easily access comprehensive, evidence-based information and resources. 

The project

Our funding will be used by Everymind to develop and distribute promotional materials to encourage uptake of a new eating disorders resource for carers in the Hunter region.  

The project will make use of existing resources as well as develop new resources to communicate current information to better support carers in their role of caring for someone with an eating disorder. The information provided will not only guide the best possible care for a sufferer of an eating disorder, they will also focus strongly on supporting the carer to stay well in their role. 

Resources will be disseminated using a variety of avenues, including a combination of print and electronic platforms to ensure the resources are accessible to those in either a caring role or living with an eating disorder.

The impact

Carers of people with an eating disorder will benefit by being made aware of a new, comprehensive, evidence-based information and support resource to assist them in managing their loved one's condition.  

The online interactive platform will engage carers through a variety of user formats and functionality such as ease of navigation, live weblinks, sharing through social media, videos of people telling their lived experience, and podcasts. All of which are known to enhance awareness and understanding of information. 

This approach will also allow for long-term sustainability and statewide applicability of the resource, while initially being able to test its effectiveness at a low-cost local level. 

For more information on the program visit www.everymind.org.au