Got Your Back Sista


Stand Tall Sista for Teens!


Hunter Region



Funding Dates

November 2018 - December 2019

The issue

The Australian Bureau of Statistics suggests one in three Australian women have experienced physical violence since the age of 15 and young women, aged 18-24 years, experience significantly higher rates of physical and sexual violence still. 

Exposure to domestic violence can have a signification impact on both the immediate and long-term health and wellbeing of women and children, leading to poorer health overall compared to women who have not experienced domestic violence.

The project 

Got Your Back Sista will roll out a 10-week self-defence course to Year 10 students at five schools in the Hunter. 

The self-defence course will teach teenage girls to understand 'power presence' through simple body language changes; know their own safe and unsafe boundaries and when to apply those; how to scan an environment for possible dangers; as well as a range of tips and techniques to defend themselves if threatened or attacked.  

The course also provides an opportunity for young women to come together to discuss healthy and unhealthy relationships and support each other through strengthened peer networks. 

The impact

The aim of the program is to help teenage girls better identify possible red-flags in dangerous situations and/or relationships in hope they may be able to avoid being threatened, attacked or abused. Teaching girls how to better protect themselves is known to increase confidence and improve physical and mental fitness.