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Funding Dates

November 2018 - December 2019

The issue 

When a family finds out their child has a life-threatening condition, their lives are often turned upside down as they take on the role of full-time carer - affecting their relationships, finances and physical and mental health and wellbeing. 

Parents and carers often feel a sense of isolation as their existing support networks, such as family, friends and other parent groups, often don't know how to cope or help due to the rarity of the condition.

The project 

Our funding will help Very Special Kids to continue to deliver their Parent Support Group for bereaved and non-bereaved parents of children with life-threatening conditions - creating a safe and supportive space for parents to connect through shared experiences.  

The casual group setting consists of coffee mornings, walking groups and pamper days fostering peer-to-peer social connections while allowing carers to validate their feelings and cultivate a sense of normality for what is a rare circumstance.

Parent Support Group is designed to accommodate the time pressures experienced by families who are managing a life-threatening illness and provides support at a time and format most suitable for these families. 

The impact

The Parent Support Group provides respite for parents and carers of children with life-threatening conditions helping to address issues of social isolation, grief management and mental health and wellbeing, while providing access to quality information and health care providers.